Echoes of 46. Istanbul Music Festival


Evin İlyasoğlu, 20.06.2018

…The eclectic piece which we haven’t been listening for a long time, has been performed in a dignifying and deep understanding by Pekinels. They created polysemic colors and gave the mysticism in prominence…MORE

At the Lucerne Festival, Pekinel Sisters presents different possibilities for a special night with pianos

Thomas Schacher, 24.11.2017

At this years’ Lucerne piano Festival, the Turkish Twin Sisters Güher and Süher Pekinel, in the concert business for forty years, communicate instead with audience, rather with each other and themselves. When they play Mozart or Ravel, seated one behind the other, at both their grand pianos, they are situated in a cosmic world, where they need no audience... MORE

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Twins merge together without eye contact. Piano-Festival: Shining stars, Güher and Süher Pekinel duo

Gerda Neunhoeffer, 24.11.2017

Piano duo Güher and Süher Pekinel convinced with their intuitive interplay at the KKL-Concert Hall. On the world’s stages for 40 years with a comprehensive repertoire, they now play in a very particular and unusual positioning: no longer facing one another, but rather at slightly offset grand pianos, staggered one behind the other, without any eye contact… MORE



Giselher Schubert, December 2014

In these live recordings, Güher and Süher Pekinel are in impressive form. Their duetting is technically flawless and they achieve a unison in interpretation that seems virtually instinctual… MORE


Güher & Süher Pekinel In Concert

Michael Wersin, 10.11.2014

Bartók’s “Concerto for Two Pianos, Percussion, and Orchestra,” which they recreated live under the direction of Zubin Mehta in Florence in 2012, is performed by the Pekinel’s in an equally commanding manner; The piece is devilishly difficult… MORE


Zubin Mehta and Güher & Süher Pekinel in Concert

John Sunier, 30.10.2014

I don’t know if there is another video recording of the Bartok Concerto, but this one is clearly the winner on the disc and I see why they placed it first.  To see the various percussion instruments as well as the two pianos adds a great deal to enjoyment of the performance… MORE


Multimedia Spectacle

Rainer Aschemeier, December 2014

Already world-wide celebrated since the 1980’s, here the sisters present a furious tempo with Bela Bartok’s double concerto, conducted by Zubin Mehtas and recorded at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Theatre… MORE

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Auditory Impressions

Burkhardt Schaefer, January 2015

This brilliant double-CD from Turkish piano-duo Güher & Süher Pekinel is no less than a compendium of the most important works for two pianos and piano for four hands… MORE


Güher-Süher Pekinel take listeners to another dimension

Aydın Büke, January 2015

Those who have been closely following Güher and Süher Pekinel’s long-lasting successful concert career and listening to their recordings already know very well that these artists transport everything they touch to another dimension… MORE

milliyet sanat

Unchanging Discipline, Unchanging Quality

Ufuk Çakmak, December 2014

Güher – Süher Pekinel’s third DVD album, released by Arthaus, combines a concert ranging from Schubert to Poulenc, with a Bela Bartok rendition conducted by Zubin Mehta… MORE


Pekinel-Duo with and without Orchestra

Remy Franck, 08.10.2014

Although the Pekinel-Duo doesn’t leave out the rhitmical element, the quint essences for both Turkish pianists are the colors… MORE


“The Pianists”– published by Bärenreiter

Ocotber 2013

There are more than a few siblings-partners among famous piano duos in the past and the present – the Kontarskys, the Paratores, and Labèques, just to name a few of them. As twins, Güher and Süher Pekinel are an exceptional duo even among those… MORE


Brahms; Saint-Saëns Works for Two Pianos

Bryce Morrison

Their crystalline clarity and verve erase the very real threats of strenuousness, opacity and coagulated textures in the Brahms Sonata, op. 34 b. They also give us a true oasis of calm in the Andante before racing through the Sherzo at a tempo sufficiently precipitate to tempt fate… MORE


Classical CD of the Month Bach Piano Concertos

Anthony Holden

……the disc to their considerable skills as they romp through four of Bach’s concertos for two pianos in high style with the Zürich Chamber Orchestra under Howard Griffiths. Lightness of touch in the slow movements, fluent exuberance in the outer, these girls have the golden touch.


BBC Music Magazine

Calum Mac Donald

……Pekinel’s turn in a very creditable performance of the sonata op. 34 by Brahms. The music is beautifully paced and articulated, performed with great emotional sympathy and ideal plasticity of phrasing…This is very fine playing and superbly recorded too.


The Pianist Magazine

Alexander Letvin

……The Pekinels are widely regarded as the finest duo-pianist team since Arthur and Karl Ulrich Schnabel.

music web

Keyboard Concertos from Bach

Zane Turner

…Notes that accompany this disc refer to their general performances as “demonstrating extraordinary musicality, keyboard command and unanimity of style and execution”… MORE


The Independent Review

Rob Cowan

…You’d never guess from the evidence – and like the concertos for two pianos in C minor and C major, the performance is light on its feet. The Triple is the Ultimate in Cool Bach… MORE



Norbert Ely

… You insert the disc and get immediately fascinated of the great line which dominates here, from the free breath and the sovereignty through which they control the score on the Pianoforte up into the last finenesses of the touch. The two pianists play with a stunning intelligence and a sense of form which is virtually frightening. This has as much elegance as it has richness of perception.

music web

Music Web International

Tim Perry

The first and most substantial work on the programme is Brahms’ Sonata for two Pianos in F-Minor. Although I do prefer the version for piano and strings, this disc almost changed my mind. The Pekinels present the work with such bite and energy that they sweep the listener away. This performance has considerable forward momentum… MORE


Classical Music Portal of Bayrischer Rundfunk 4

Wolf Loeckle, 28.02.2005

…Cembalo-concertos of Bach count to the most beautiful of their repertoire. But sometimes they even sound better on the piano, especially when the piano is being played like by Turkish twin sisters Güher and Süher Pekinel. Their new CD not only enthuses under the swinging aspects. The transparency, the good pace – never agitated – the brilliance of the keyboard-gadget… MORE

klassik heute

Klassik Heute

Peter Cossé

…I dare to count the Bach-recording which is mentioned here to the best productions of the last years. Elastically, inventive in the musical Alchemy of Melos and fuged eruditeness, brilliant in the brisk, nimble passages, fully synchronic in the touch even in the most complicated demands… MORE


A great pleasure

Michael Wersin

One can develop real passion for the magic that can be created by two concert grands: especially if you talk about such a furious Duo as the Pekinels. Their strength is their perfect congruence of their interpretation, their absolute homogeneity in all levels… MORE


Brilliant Brahms

Christiane Bayer

… With Brahms’ Allegro of the ‘Sonata for two pianos op. 34b’, they score straightaway a fulminant introduction. The retained initial accords, followed by virtuous sparkling passages are utilized by the Pekinels in order to conjure exhilarating worlds of sound even in the most compressed point… MORE

chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

…They play with an unanimity of concept and style that is little short of amazing. Performances of such liveliness, personality, flair and polish could well give the art of duo piano playing a respectability, not to mention an enjoyability it hasn’t known in ages.


Ha’aretz, Tel Aviv

“This was a performance of refinement seldom experienced.”


Daily Telegraph

…The Pekinel sisters are Turkish identical twins. Possessed with a sixth sense, they have formed what is possibly the most intriguing piano duo now before the public. And on Monday at Wigmore Hall the playing positively brimmed over with zest and a most infectious personal charm.

kulturradio rbb

RBB Kulturradio

Caroline Schönberg

…The twin sisters have for many years constituted a worldwide esteemed piano-duo. In their record of the Sonata for two keyboards f-minor op. 34 they prefer a clear, objective Brahms but quite with passion and full of verve. Camille Saint-Saëens’ Beethoven Variations – the virtuous show-piece – has to be served skilfully; and this is notably well mastered by the two sisters… MORE



…Everything was out of the ordinary! The twin pianists Güher and Süher Pekinel play the Bach Double Concerto in C-minor as one used to hear it in the good old days of Karajan. Romantically structured with powerful colours. The refreshment of their touch brings their interpretation into an ascending virtuosic whirlwind. The harmony between the two pianos and the Orchestra was astonishing.


The Guardian

…As identical twins playing in a piano duo, the Pekinel sisters have uncanny, almost telepathic ability to match each other to a microsecond in even the most elaborate rubato. It really is like hearing a single player.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

…In a well-rounded program…one could marvel at their unbelievably homogenous playing, their temperament and the beauty of their balanced touch. Couples, sisters and brothers are often ideal duo teams, but the unique ability to breathe and phrase together is possibly reserved for twins.


Süddeutsche Zeitung

…The assuredness and mastery that Güher and Süher Pekinel demonstrate at two pianos is really amazing…every entrance is accurate, the tone of the interplay is absolutely in agreement, the breathing is phrased together, the treatment of rubati and sforzati is governed with absolute unison… a demonstration of highly concentrated musicianship. The public was electrified.

le figaro

Le Figaro

…The sight of a personal unity divided between two ravishing personalities is fascinating. Both sisters display an unerring technical and incomparable sensitivity. The audience was, of course, overwhelmed.


Corriere Della Sera

…The Pekinels also made us imagine many orchestral colors and demonstrated that they were master of the dynamic nuances and the rhythmic abandon typical of this immense score (Stravinsky Rite of Spring).