20 instrumentalists in DSGM “Young Musicians on World Stages” project are exceptional talents selected from various conservatories in cities around Turkey who are supported worldwide by Güher & Süher Pekinel. During the past 10 years, the musicians have succeeded beyond the expectations and proven themselves as international talents through their concert performances and important, international prizes.

The aim of the project is, to select young talents and to provide them the opportunity to develop and deepen their unique artistic identities, so that they can compete at world standards. Besides their training as soloists, the goal is to make it possible for them to work with the best musicians all over the world at the best educational institutions, as well as providing them the highest quality instruments and helping them to build up international careers.

At this project another focus is chamber music, besides its contribution to musicians to become a knowledgeable and a conscious soloist, it also opens the door to a deep intellectual and analytical platform, where instantly different musical interpretations are shared which allows them to reach the highest level of music making.

Due to their high performance and interpretations at prestigious platforms, the young musicians have won 15 First Prizes Some of them are 2016  – Veriko Tchumburidze “15. Internationalen Wieniawski Violinwettbewerb”, 2017 – Can Çakmur “Scottish International Piano Competition”, 2017 – Tolga Atalay Ün “Kendall Taylor Beethoven Piano Competition”, 2015 – Alican Süner “Max Rostal International Violin Competition”, 2016 – Trio Arte (Veriko Tchumburidze, Dorukhan Doruk and Yunus Tuncalı) “International Pietro Argento Music Competition”, 2018 – Umut Sağlam “Gaetano Zinetti Music Competititon” and 2018 – Can Çakmur “10. Hamamatsu International Piano Competition”