Why do we realize the “ANADOLU ORFF MUSIC EDUCATION PROJECT” and what are our goals?

Süher Pekinel, April 2016 

In Turkey composer Carl Orff is best known for his work “Carmina Burana”. Besides being a highly regarded composer and musician, Carl Orff developed an influential method towards music education for children. The “Orff Method” as the educational approach is called, intents to give children a basic musical education by using familiar tools, encouraging the children’s natural sense of play…More




The “ORFF-SCHULWERK” Approach in Music Lessons

Güher Pekinel, June 2016

„Orff-Schulwerk” is the idea and the concept of an artist who is not a pedagogue or a teacher. The goal is to take advantage of all the different fields of art in order to bring out people’s intrinsic creative powers through rhythm, movement and speaking. The method is built on a child’s natural talent, rather than on accumulated knowledge; it utilizes “Children’s Lore” meaning traditional songs, movement games, stories and dances from their own regions. …More



Güher & Süher Pekinel about the Project to improve the Musical Education in Anatolia

Sanat Deliorman, June 2015 

Can you tell us how the “Project to Improve Musical Education in Anatolia” began? We decided to start an initiative towards updating the system after establishing a music department in TEVİTÖL in 2006 and experiencing the difficulties in music education in Turkey firsthand. Having lived overseas in different countries for long periods of time and being familiar with the Orff system … More