Music Education in Turkey and Orff Approach

The magazine “Music Education in Turkey and Orff Approach”, published as a supplement of “Andante”, one of Turkey’s most important music magazines, contains important information about the development of Music Education System in Turkey, with illustrative case studies. As skilled professionals in this field, the authors provide an understandable insight into the implementation of Orff Approach in Turkey and give an interesting and inspiring overview about the future development. ORFF_Cover                   The e-magazine (turkish version) is available as download under:



Orff Schulwerk in Turkey – From Hindemith until today


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Junmair – Vice President of Orff-Schulwerk Association Austria

Concerning the Turkish music pedagogy, Orff-Schulwerk in Turkey is a success story…The building of the “Orff-Schulwerk Education and Consultation Centre” in 2002, is surely the most important milestone for the development of Orff-Schulwerk in Turkey. For many years the centre is organizing seminars, informing, publishing magazines and books and maintaining the contact to educational institutions. More



Güher & Süher Pekinel about the Project to improve the Musical Education in Anatolia


Interview with Güher-Süher Pekinel by Sanat Deliorman

we developed the “Project to Improve Musical Education in Anatolia” in 2010, in order to ensure the Orff Education system could be implemented as part of music courses in all of the schools in Turkey. We applied to the Ministry of National Education (MEB) with this project and signed a protocol with the MEB on 10.09.2010 in order to realize the Anatolia Improvement Project. The education in question was implemented in pre-school and elementary school classes in 9 pilot cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Mersin, Bursa, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Mardin)…More



 Project to improve the Musical Education in Anatolia – Review



Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jungmair – Vice President of Orff-Schulwerk Association Austria

The work within the Orff Schulwerk is oriented to human, this means to a personally pedagogic, which understands the human within its own activity.  Already the anthropologist and philosophe Arnold Gehlen was convinced, that we can experience and record the reality, hence everything that surrounds us, only by dealing with them in practice or by pulling them through the majority of our senses, by developing their ambiguity…More



Orff Schulwerk – Impact Orientated Approach

BH AOSA_Pittsburgh 2011


Prof. Dr. Barbara Haselbach – Preceding officer of Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg

In the hands of a good teacher, Orff-Schulwerk could make valuable contributions in this regard. It teaches us to enjoy art as something that adds meaning and depth to our lives, it teaches independence and togetherness, responsibility and order, the clarity of simplicity and the miracle of variety, and how to live together instead of against each other; it strengthens imagination and the desire to create, it relays skills and basic techniques in artistic mediums, it explains the value of your own tradition, and inspires bravery to find the new…More