Education and Equipment

Unlike many other private schools that offer musical education, TEVİTÖL’s curriculum includes not only instrument lessons but also classes on Solfeggio and the History of Music. Students only acquire the necessary fundamental knowledge when they take music lessons that combine these three classes. Most of the teachers in the Music Department are lecturers in conservatories and artists in reputable orchestras, a clear indication of the department’s superior quality.


A building dubbed the “Art Building” was renovated and repaired for the Music Department, which began working on the efforts required for setup in 2006. The building was given the acoustic properties required for study and equipped with the following:

  • 1 Fully-Equipped Solfeggio & Music History Class (Piano, Stereo System, Projector, DVD, Music Library)
  • 11 Classrooms for Practicing Instruments (Equipped with Piano, Desk, Reading Area)
  • 1 Instrument Room / Archive
  • 1 Music Office & CD-DVD Archive
  • 1 Conference Room (where solo and Chamber Music groups can give concerts; it also contains a sound, recording, and lighting room)
  • Almost 70 instruments chosen by the Pekinels and teachers
  • Individual instruments for each student to use